Token Service

The ForexFeed Token service is designed to help protect your AppID from prying eyes when your service is being used in a public (client side) environment.

The Token service is meant to be requested by your server side (rather than client side) in order to protect your AppID and your data service from abuse.

How it works:

  1. Your server (or back-end) requests a Token from the ForexFeed API.
  2. The ForexFeed API responds with a unique, encoded Token.
  3. This Token can then be used by the end-user (Client side), instead of them using your actual AppID.
  4. Each Token includes a predefined Expire interval (defined when requesting each Token).
This process serves to keep your AppID out of sight in public environments, making it less susceptible to abuse.


Most parameters available via a standard data request can be embedded into a Token simply by passing the desired values in the Token Request. However every Token request MUST include a TokenTimeOut value (via the tto parameter).

The tto parameter is defined in Seconds. After this period of time (in seconds) the Token will no longer function.

In its simplest form, a Token request can be performed by requesting:

Any additional (yet valid) parameters (such as Symbols, Interval etc.) will be embedded in the generated Token - with the exception of the Data Output Format (the f parameter).

Therefore, if you wish to include the Data Output format inside the Token, it must be defined via the TokenFormat (tf) parameter. This is because the standard Format parameter (f) is used to control the output format of the Token generation itself (CSV, JSON, XML).

If you're interested using the Token service on your account/data service, please send us a message including your AppID and we'll activate it for you.

Please be aware that each Token Request will count as 1-hit towards your daily limits, so please use them appropriately.