Live Currency Data Feeds

ForexFeed data services deliver realtime, intraday or daily quote data to virtually any application, anywhere, anytime, on-demand.

Forex data services cover a range of over 380 global Currency Pairs and Precious Metals data including over 20 Gold and Silver cross rates.

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, any App.
  • Cross-platform, Language Independent.
  • Standard Data Formats (JSON, XML, CSV)
  • Save time, Plug-In a Data API
  • Or hook into the REST API Web Service
  • Real-Time (Bid/Ask, Tick Data)
  • Intra-Day, Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC Data)
  • Currency Conversion & Exchange Rates
  • EOD data (End-Of-Day data)
  • Live Any-Time OHLC data

To get started get your App ID then add a Data Service