Intra-day FOREX & Precious Metals Data

Create a custom Intra-day data feed for FOREX/Currencies, Gold and Silver.

Intraday data services offers access to Intraday FOREX (Foreign Exchange) and Precious Metals (Gold and Silver) data/price quotes.

All Intra-day data services include access to Open, High, Low and Close (OHLC series data) of the time frame selected below.

Intra-day data is delayed/trailing data (one OHLC period behind). If you're looking for live-OHLC or tick-data please see our Real-Time data feeds

Please note that this is a general data service builder. If you have special requirements (incl. groups, high-demand, dedicated data server instances, partnerships or proposals etc. ) then we are here to help! - Contact us Today!

Select the minumum data Interval for Open, High, Low, Close data.
OHLC Data options include the data interval specified, as well as any greater Interval
Select your number of API requests.
Tip: Each time data is retrieved it counts as "one hit" towards the limit selected here.
Select the Maximum number of Symbols that can be retrieved in each API request.
Tip: By receiving data for multiple symbols in each request you can reduce your total number of API Requests
Select the Maximum number of data points (of OHLC data) that can be retrieved.
This does not apply to Tick Data, which includes latest-tick (Bid,Ask,Mid).
Select a billing period