Partner Programs


ForexFeed Partner Programs offer you a wide array of data services to offer your clients or visitors.

ForexFeed Affiliates

Our Affiliate program is available to anyone interested in recurring revenue.

Our affilate program offers a rewarding recurring revenue stream by simply referring customers to ForexFeed.

ForexFeed Affiliates earn a percentage of each sale on a recurring basis, for as long as client remains a the ForedFeed customer.

ForexFeed Resellers

Our Reseller program is an ideal solution for businesses with a either a new or existing application, who's client or end users require a reliable data solution.

ForexFeed Resellers enjoy deep discounts on any customizable level of service that their end users require. Service levels can be custom tailored to exactly what your end users need or what is appropriate for your particular application.

Reseller data services can be designed exactly to your clients needs: anything from custom data output formats (to integrate with your existing apps) to custom service levels or complete Private Label solutions on your own Domain Name, and even your own dedicated data infrastructure (depending in your user base/anticipated demand).

ForexFeed is build to serve you as well as your clients.

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